Project background

Talitatraveler is a personal blog created more than 10 years ago. The author writes all kind of short stories and some other hard to define stuff, such as predictions, fake news, poems and even science related literature. Always with a nice touch of humour.

If you know a little bit of Spanish, I'd definitely recommend you to take a look at it.


Talitatraveler was an outdated WordPress theme based site. We decided to move the entire content to a headless CMS and from there develop a modern API based decoupled blogging site.

The stack:

  • Contentful delivering content via the API.
  • Gatsby as a React static site generator.
  • Continuous deployment with Netlify via webhooks.
  • The subscribe feature consumes the MailChimp REST API.
  • The SEO functionality is being pulled directly from the Contentul API which automatically builds a sitemap every time there is a new post.
  • A rss file is also created at buildtime which triggers the RSS-to-Email service.